Month: February 2011

Welcome to Solutions Zone TV

A channel to network sustainable solutions for the Future.

Solutions Zone TV is a forward thinking multi media channel.  Which highlights the problems of our environment and provides positive, inspiring solutions that already exist.

The Solutions Zone : Reclaiming the conversation from the problem to the solution, showing practical working examples and places where people are already creating the futures they want to see.

“Our world of tomorrow manifesting today”. A Portal to positive futures.

There is urgent need to take action on our critical environmental situation.

“Other worlds are possible…………….  “

We aim to illustrate and inspire with a lively adventure through  enlightening entertainment  and education.
Watch this space for film and video of incredible solutions that people all over the world are working on or putting into action at this time.

” Many of the solutions to our critical environmental situations already exist what is needed is the better networking of them” – Phoenix