Month: November 2012

Teenage Girls Invent Pee-Powered Generator : TreeHugger

Everywhere you go, people gotta pee. That’s just a fact of our human existence. But instead of just getting flushed down the toilet, human urine could also be a feedstock for a truly unique renewable energy source.

Imagine being able generate six hours of electricity from a single liter of urine. Thanks to the innovative minds of four teenage girls in Africa, it’s no longer necessary to just imagine it – they’ve done it.

Teenage Girls Invent Pee-Powered Generator : TreeHugger.

Help Sandy Relief Efforts with Voltaic’s “Buy One Give One” Solar Charger Program : TreeHugger

We’ve reported on the situation at New York’s Rockaway Beach and the serious damage the area still suffers. We’ve also noted how solar chargers can be a handy part of an emergency kit to provide backup power for necessities like cell phones, flashlights, radios and so on. Well Voltaic Systems is helping out in both areas with a newly launched program.

When you buy an Emergency Portable Power Kit from Voltaic, they’ll give the same kit to someone in need on the east coast:

Based on our visit to the Rockaways, there are still a lot of people without power (and it may stay this way for weeks) which means they don’t have safe lighting and are unable to charge their phones.

For each kit purchased, we’re distributing the same powerful kit consisting of a 3.4 Watt solar panel, battery and light. We are going to deliver these personally to make sure they end up in the hands of people who need them most. In addition, we’re discounting this kit from $96 to $55.

So, might as well stock your emergency backpack with solar power right now as it will directly help someone in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

Help Sandy Relief Efforts with Voltaic’s “Buy One Give One” Solar Charger Program : TreeHugger.