Month: December 2014

Transition Dartmouth Park | Living sustainably and creating a resilient community

Transition Dartmouth Park | Living sustainably and creating a resilient community.

he Transition Movement is about working together to live more sustainably and strengthening community at a very local level. It’s about taking positive action to enhance our quality of life while improving the environment and having fun!

We are a group of residents of Dartmouth Park with a shared concern about shrinking supplies of cheap energy, climate change and increasingly, economic downturn. We believe that practical action is urgently needed to deal with these problems; that if we act as individuals, it’ll be too little, if we wait for governments, it’ll be too little, too late, but if we act as communities, it might be just enough, just in time.

We recognise that: • Climate change and oil dependency require urgent action.

• Life with less energy is inevitable. It is better to plan for it than to be taken by surprise.

• Industrial society has lost the resilience to be able to cope with energy shocks.

• We have to act together, now.

• Infinite growth within a finite system (such as planet Earth) is impossible.

• We (humanity) demonstrated great ingenuity and intelligence as we raced up the energy curve over the last 150 years. There’s no reason why we can’t use those qualities, and more, as we free ourselves from dependency on fossil fuels.

• If we plan and act early enough, and use our creativity and cooperation to unleash the genius within our local communities, we can build a future far more fulfilling and enriching, more connected to and more gentle on the Earth, than the life we have today.