Month: March 2016

$10,000 Car – AirPod – That Runs On Air – YouTube


BBC – Future – Potato power: the spuds that could light the world

With a simple trick, the humble spud can be made into a battery, so could potato powered homes catch on?

Source: BBC – Future – Potato power: the spuds that could light the world


Mashed, boiled, baked or fried? You probably have a preference for your potatoes. Haim Rabinowitch, however, likes his spuds “hacked”.

For the past few years, researcher Rabinowitch and colleagues have been pushing the idea of “potato power” to deliver energy to people cut off from electricity grids. Hook up a spud to a couple of cheap metal plates, wires and LED bulbs, they argue, and it could provide lighting to remote towns and villages around the world.

They’ve also discovered a simple but ingenious trick to make potatoes particularly good at producing energy. A single potato can power enough LED lamps for a room for 40 days,” claims Rabinowitch, who is based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The idea may seem absurd, yet it is rooted in sound science. Still, Rabinowitch and his team have discovered that actually launching potato power in the real world is much more complex than it first appears.

While Rabinowitch and team have found a way to make potatoes produce more power than usual, the basic principles are taught in high school science classes, to demonstrate how batteries work.

To make a battery from organic material, all you need is two metals – an anode, which is the negative electrode, such as zinc, and a cathode, the positively charged electrode, such as copper. The acid inside the potato forms a chemical reaction with the zinc and copper, and when the electrons flow from one material to another, energy is released.

This was discovered by Luigi Galvani in 1780 when he connected two metals to the legs of a frog, causing its muscles to twitch. But you can put many materials between these two electrodes to get the same effect. Alexander Volta, around the time of Galvani, used saltwater-soaked paper. Others have made “earth batteries” using two metal plates and a pile of dirt, or a bucket of water.


Plant-e: living plants generate electricity – YouTube


Why Greener Planet ?

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Source: Why Greener Planet ?


Dome Shaped Earth Bag House Keeps Residents Naturally Cool in Colombia | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Building with earth is an ancient practice that has recently been updated to accommodate modern homes. Vallejo built this house using a system called Superadobe, which was originally invented by…

Source: Dome Shaped Earth Bag House Keeps Residents Naturally Cool in Colombia | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building


16 Lifesaving Temporary Emergency & Disaster Shelters | Urbanist

When disaster strikes, homes are often lost and people left homeless. These temporary shelters provide a place for refugees to sleep until order is restored.

Source: 16 Lifesaving Temporary Emergency & Disaster Shelters | Urbanist


Green Deal | Energy Performance Certificates

Rainbow Eco Solutions is a company driven by Green Ideologies. We provide Energy Performace Certificates and Green Deal advice throughout Kent and the South East

Source: Green Deal | Energy Performance Certificates


Eco Marine Power | Technologies for Sustainable Shipping

Marine renewable energy solutions & computer systems for sustainable shipping. Less fuel, lower noxious emissions, a greener marine future.

Source: Eco Marine Power | Technologies for Sustainable Shipping


Permaculture Greening the Desert – YouTube

This video shows how Geoff Lawton went to the Jordanian desert in 2001 and turned a ten acre bit of desert and turned it into a orchard.if this can be done in the Jordanian desert imagine what can be achieved not just here in the United Kingdom but everywhere.

We are trying to set up similar projects here in Devon but without the support for Permaculture companies and councils are not interested please show support by visiting