7 of the Most Eco-Friendly Cell Phones on the Market


Cell phones are now in the hands of more than half the world’s population and these days they are far more than just a way to make calls. They’re a mighty tool for environmentalism, they can bring us closer to wildlife, and they perform so many functions that we’ve come to rely on.

But yes, a cell phone is also an electronic gadget that requires fossil fuels and some amount of hazardous materials to create, so when looking for a new cell phone, it’s always good to keep the planet in mind too. By 2017, it’s estimated that 400 million green cell phones, or those made with at least 50 percent recycled content, will be shipped and Sprint announced this year that it will begin requiring all cell phones that it sells to meet standards set by UL Environment, which measure environmentally sensitive materials, energy management, manufacturing and operations, impact to health and environment, product performance, packaging and product stewardship.

Even with all of this progress, the market still isn’t full of green cell phone models, so if you’re looking to upgrade, here is a list of the most eco-friendly cell phones out there right now to make your buying decisions easier.

Japanese Plastic to Oil Fantastic revolutionary machine

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The Japanese company Blest has developed one of the smallest and safest plastic-to-oil conversion machines out on the market today. It’s founder and CEO, Akinori Ito is passionate about using this machine to change the way people around the world think about their plastic trash. From solving our landfill and garbage disposal issues to reducing our oil dependancy on the Middle East, his machine may one day be in every household across Japan.
While holding up a bag of trash, he states, “It’s a waste to throw away, isn’t it? This is a treasure.”

Solar device brings natural light to workers

Fluorescent lights are often seen as the brunt of an artificial working environment, but office workers around the world could soon have sunnier dispositions.
Harnessing the power of the sun, Canadian researchers are linking solar panels to a new device that shines natural light indoors.

Al Jazeera’s Daniel Lak reports from Vancouver.